TopBraid EDG Cloud Service

TopBaid Enterprise Data Governance

is now available as a cloud service!

Fully Managed Cloud For Your Information Governance

Many enterprises use TopBraid EDG to govern their information. With the introduction of TopBraid EDG Cloud Service, our customers now have a choice. Run TopBraid EDG on your own, anywhere including public and private clouds. Or let TopQuadrant do it for you, as a cloud service.

No Administrative Overhead

TopBraid EDG is straightforward to use and manage. Your license of TopBraid EDG includes support for the initial install.

The cloud service takes it a step further!

  • Initial installation
  • Future upgrades
  • Ongoing administration
  • Backups and disaster recovery
  • And more …

It’s all handled for you, letting you focus entirely on getting business value from your TopBraid EDG solution.

Our staff is experienced in running TopBraid EDG and will select the right configuration, size and scale to meet your needs today and as they evolve.

Fit for the Enterprise

TopBraid EDG Cloud Service leverages availability zones and other mission-critical capabilities from our cloud provider (AWS). It is designed to be a mission-critical foundation for data management.

All TopBraid EDG Capabilities Are Supported by the Cloud Service

TopBraid EDG is available in different packages that can be enhanced by several add on modules.

Every package and module are available as part of the TopBraid EDG Cloud Service. You get to enjoy the same set of features as the on premise version of TopBraid EDG.


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