TopBraid EDG Cloud Service

TopBraid EDG SaaS Offering Specifications

TopBraid EDG can be be installed on premise or hosted by TopQuadrant as a SaaS solution that runs completely on cloud infrastructure.

Cloud Platform TopQuadrant will host EDG on the AWS platform. Domain will be
Identity Management Customers will provide integration with their enterprise Identity Provider to manage authentication.
Backup and Restore

Full data backups are taken every 24 hours. Backups are kept for 30 days. Data backups are stored on a region separate from the EC2 instance region. Restores available upon request.

Log backups are taken weekly and kept for 90 days. Log backups are stored on a region separate from the EC2 instance region.

Scaling EDG will scale horizontally. Servers will need to be resourced accordingly for size of data and processing.
Logging and Monitoring TopQuadrant will monitor the health of the application through Cloudwatch and Zabbix. Memory, disk space and CPU alerts will be sent to the team supporting the offering.

Customers will receive automatic updates of minor releases without notification.

Customers will receive major releases within 60 days of release. The customer will be notified of a new major release and have the opportunity to approve the timing of the upgrade. Environments must not fall behind over 90 days. Once the upgrade is done, the customer should do general regression testing and let TopQuadrant support know of any issues discovered. 

Availability and Maintenance 99.5% uptime with the exception of scheduled server maintenance.

TopQuadrant uses a suite of AWS managed service solutions as depicted in the diagram. Amazon GuardDuty is a threat detection service that continuously monitors for malicious activity and unauthorized behavior. Amazon Macie is a fully managed data security and data privacy service to discover and protect your sensitive data in AWS. 

The following encryption protocols are used: In-transit – HTTPS TLS 1.2. At-rest – AES-256 Volume Encryption.

Data Transfer For data transfer out from Amazon EC2 To Internet, this will be limited to 1GB per month. Additional charges will apply for overages.