TopBraid Technology Training

Let us recommend the right combination of modules to meet your implementation needs

Course Modules


We typically recommended that students take the foundation class “Intro to Semantic Standards with TopBraid Composer” before taking TopBraid Technology courses. Equivalent experience may be substituted.

TBP-201: Administering TopBraid EDG

Security, Backup and Recovery, Moving data and applications between servers, High Availability, Troubleshooting..

TBP-202: Graph Management with TopBraid

Organizing graphs, managing namespaces, best practices for URIs, imports, structuring of ontologies and other asset collection types.

TBP-203: Data Validation and Reasoning with SHACL

Using SHACL to create data integrity constraints, define executable mapping and transformation rules and perform other types of reasoning. Use SPARQL to create user-defined SHACL constraint components.

TBP-204: TopBraid EDG APIs and Web Services

Using GraphQL to read and write TopBraid EDG data. Understanding pre-built RESTFul web services. Using SPIN templates, SPARQLMotion and SPARQL Web Pages (SWP) to create new web services.

TBP-205: Data Ingestion and Semantic ETL with TopBraid EDG

Model-based data integration and transformation using SPARQLMotion and SWP scripting. Adding new importers to TopBraid EDG.

TBP-206: Teamworks Framework

Using Teamworks Framework to access change history, to create new asset collection types and extend and extend capabilities of pre-built collection types.

TBP-207: SWP scripting

Understanding and using SPARQL Web Pages to customize existing applications and develop new capabilities.