Frequently Asked Questions

TopQuadrant maintains the following collections of FAQs. Please navigate to the category that best matches your interests –brief descriptions are provided to guide you

TopBraid EDG

Frequently asked questions about TopBraid EDG, an agile data governance environment for the dynamic enterprise; it provides integrated data governance across the ever growing types of data assets and governance needs.

TopBraid Composer

TopBraid Composer Maestro Edition is a modeling tool and an IDE for enterprise solutions. Learn how to to model ontologies, connect data sources, design queries, and to develop applications that work with semantic models.

TopBraid EDG – VM

TopBraid EDG-VM is a collaborative, web-based solution for managing business vocabularies to support improved search, navigation, alignment of terms and their meaning, and data integration. Explore our FAQs to learn more.

Semantic Web Technology

Learn more about Semantic Web, Linked Data, semantic technology and related standards, including terminology, business values, semantic technology versus traditional technology, and rumors versus facts.

Tagger and Auto Classifier

TopBraid Tagger and Auto Classifier uses machine learning technology to tag content with terms from your controlled vocabularies. Automating tag assignment lets you scale how your vocabulary assets enhance content value.

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