TopBraid EDG Training

A training program designed to meet the needs of a wide range of EDG users and administrators

Conducted in online sessions or at customer sites, tailored to meet customer’s requirements

  • End Users training: Typical end users, who are stewards and curators of the information managed by TopBraid EDG, will only need to attend these sessions. This training will teach them everything they need to perform their day to day activities.
  • Power Users training:  This training is targeted to more advanced users responsible for configuring TopBraid EDG and possibly for guiding / assisting other end users as needed.
  • Server Administration training: This training is targeted to system administrators responsible for installing and maintaining TopBraid EDG.

See the respective Agenda listings below of the standard topics covered in each these trainings, targeted to the different roles that collectively enable the efficient setup, configuration and optimal use of TopBraid EDG. The duration of the various trainings for different roles provided here is for a typical, representative training (4 days total). The actual duration of the overall training and the various sessions depends on the number and type of TopBraid EDG packages used by an organization. The training agenda, length, sequence and schedule and can be tailored to customer specific goals and requirements.

TopBraid EDG for End Users
(2 Days onsite; 6 online sessions )

  • What TopBraid EDG Can Do for You?
  • Asset Collection Types and their Purpose
  • Curating Information with EDG
  • Working with Ontologies
  • Using Search and Navigation
  • Workflows and Collaboration
  • Governance Model and Roles
  • Importing Data
  • Exporting Data
  • TopBraid Explorer
  • Package-specific Training Topics

TopBraid EDG for Power Users / Developers
Agenda: (1 Day onsite; 4 online sessions)

  • TopBraid EDG Model Architecture
  • Configuring EDG Governance Model and System Enumerations
  • Best Practices for organizing Your Asset Collections
  • Naming Conventions and URI Construction Rules
  • Manage Operations for Asset Collections
  • Custom Workflow Templates
  • Building Inference Rules for TopBraid EDG
  • Package-specific Training Topics
  • TopBraid EDG APIs, using GraphQL and SPARQL
  • TopBraid Composer-ME as the IDE

Developers responsible for performing deeper customizations and integrating EDG with other systems should, in addition to this training, take the TopBraid Technology Training modules.

TopBraid EDG Server Administration
Agenda: (1 Day onsite; 1-2 online sessions)

  • TopBraid EDG Installation and Upgrades
  • TopBraid EDG Server Administration
  • Overview of TopBraid EDG Administrative Console
  • Authentication and Users
  • TopBraid Data Platform: Replication of EDG servers for High Availability and Load Balancing
  • Scheduling Jobs
  • Installing and Running TopBraid Tagger and Autoclassifier
  • Deployment of Custom Code
  • Server Maintenance Issues
  • Troubleshooting TopBraid EDG

After these training courses, your staff will be ready to take full advantage of everything that TopBraid EDG can offer!