About This Webinar

Tuesday, November 16, 2021 at 3:00pm ET


TopBraid EDG 7.1 is currently available for beta testing. This new release unveils a number of new exciting features which we will preview, including:

    • Enhanced visualization capabilities
    • New Sharepoint integration
    • Improved performance

The highlight of this release is a new visualization component designed to significantly enhance users ability to review models, understand data and collaborate with colleagues. It is delivered as a new “EDG Diagram” panel that:

    • Combines display of the model elements (e.g., classes) with the display of data
    • Offers fully configurable selection of content to include in the diagram
    • Includes ability to modify and configure layout and display options
    • Supports saving and sharing named diagrams i.e., diagrams as “first class citizen”

This release includes new integrations as well as several usability, functional and non-functional improvements. Click here to view the full release notes for TopBraid EDG 7.1. 


Who should attend:

  • Current users of TopBraid EDG
  • Anyone considering vocabulary, reference data or metadata management/ data cataloging solution
  • Anyone considering a knowledge graph approach to information management

About the Presenters:

Holger Knublauch

Dr. Holger Knublauch is a well known innovator and software developer in the Semantic Web community. He joined TopQuadrant in late 2006 to develop the next generation of Semantic Web tools and middleware. Holger leads the development of TopBraid Suite. In this role he created TopBraid Composer, made significant contributions to TopBraid EDG, and created a stack of RDF-based languages including SPIN, SWP and Active Data Shapes.

Based on his experiences with these languages, Holger served as the lead editor of the Shapes Constraint Language (SHACL) in a World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) working group. SHACL became an official W3C Recommendation in 2017 and is heavily influenced by SPIN.

Jesse Lambert

Jesse Lambert is a Senior Semantic Solutions Architect at TopQuadrant and has over 15 years of experience in applying Semantic Web technologies. He works with organizations integrating TopBraid EDG to support data governance; including scenarios of semantic search pipelines and the elimination of data stovepipes.

Irene Polikoff

Irene Polikoff is a CEO and co-founder of TopQuadrant. Irene leads the product strategy for TopQuadrant’s products and provides guidance to major customers on leveraging TopBraid EDG capabilities. Irene writes regular blogs and white papers on TopQuadrant’s technology, information management, ontology modeling and best practices for using Knowledge Graph standards. She is a frequent speaker at industry conferences and was a co-chair of the World Wide Web Consortium’s Working Group that developed SHACL, a standard for the graph data modeling.

Before co-founding TopQuadrant, Irene was a Principal in the national Knowledge, Content Management, and Portals Practice at IBM Global Services. Prior to that, she was a Senior Development Manager and a Project Executive for IBM Worldwide Consultant’s tools and methods. Irene has a master’s degree in Operations Research from Columbia University.