Supported Platform Configurations

The following tables show currently supported operating systems, data stores, and other platform information for each of the TopBraid products.

* Please contact TopQuadrant at for information concerning other configurations meeting the general requirements.

TopBraid Products

The following applies to currently supported versions. See for currently supported versions of TopBraid EDG. 

TopBraid Server Products: Supported Operating Systems, Application Servlet Container

Currently supported server platforms include the following. We recommend the use of 64 bit Linux-based systems and Java. For configurations requiring use of https we recommend the use of mod_proxy_ajp to embed Tomcat inside an Apache Web Server.


TopBraid Version Java Servlet Container Operating Systems

Java 11 SE

Java 11.0.2 or higher

Apache Tomcat 8.5 latest

*Apache Tomcat 9 latest

Ubuntu Linux 18.04 LTS

RHEL 7.x or CentOS 7.x

Windows Server 2016+

For Debian based Linux distributions, see the notes for using Tomcat9:

Tomcat users
LDAP via Windows Server 2016
SSO via KeyCloak 4.8.x
SP-Initiated Browser based SSO via SAML 2.0 for users 
OAuth for APIs 



Supported Browsers

TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) supports the following browsers:

Browser Version OS
Chrome 81+ Windows, Mac
Firefox 86+ Windows, Mac
Microsoft Edge 81+ Windows

Recommended screen resolution is 1920 x 1080 – 1280 x 720. 


Supported Repository Database Configurations

TopBraid EDG can use a number of data stores as a repository of information. These include the following:

Database Version Support Level
Apache Jena TDB built-in* Major
RDBMS: MySQL** 5.5+ Major
RDBMS: Oracle 12c, 19c Major
RDBMS: Microsoft SQL Server Major

Major: Included in test suite.
Minor: Not currently included in our test suite, but are known to work.
* Deletion of TDB files from TopBraid workspaces is known not to work on Windows
** The MariaDB driver is used for MySQL connections

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