TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance Support Options

Support Coverage


Below are the guidelines for what is included with the different levels of support for TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG).


TopQuadrant offers the Standard TopBraid EDG Support and Maintenance as well as two optional Premium Levels of Support – Gold and Platinum. Note that the Premium Support is an add-on to the Standard Support. Premium Support tickets will be addressed up to the annual limit of support hours included with each level of support. Customers must have standard support to add premium support. Anything covered under standard support will remain a standard support ticket and not counted towards premium support hours.


Contact to purchase premium support.


For more details on TopBraid Support and Maintenance for Standard and Premium, please see legal.


(Since Premium Support adds-on to Standard Support ‘*’ in the Premium column indicates that these types of requests are included as covered by Standard Support. 


Support Request Standard Support Premium Support
Assistance with the initial basic installation upon purchase – a single environment only *
New product releases *
Diagnosis and resolution of product defects *
License issues *
General assistance with migration described in release as required for product upgrades *
Changes to TopQuadrant developed customizations if needed for product upgrades *
General “How to” questions about using product features *
“How to” questions that require analysis of customer data
Advice on knowledge graph design and modeling best practices
Walkthroughs and debugging of customer specific data import issues
Diagnosis of defects associated with customer customizations
Installation or configuration beyond basic initial installation
Diagnosis and resolution of customer’s infrastructure and environmental errors including authentication configuration, containerization, SSL, etc.
Analysis and advice on system and network design, performance or errors
Optimizing or debugging customer’s SPARQL, GraphQL, SWP or Web Services
Scoping and requirements gathering for customizations (up to 10 hours per customization)
Small customizations or professional services support (up to 8 hours per engagement)
Joint development workshops (up to 2 hours each workshop)

Standard Support Response Times



TopQuadrant’s current standard maintenance procedures call for the following issue response times. Following initial analysis, every support query is evaluated according to class of error, processing time and error correction.


Severity Level Definition First Return
Callback Within

Software is not operational or Customer experiences a complete loss of service; work cannot reasonably continue; the operation is mission critical to the Customer’s business and the situation is an emergency; no work around exists, or work around exists, but is unacceptable due to impact on Customer’s business.

A Severity 1 incident has one or more of the following characteristics:  – A critical documented function is not available  – System hangs indefinitely, causing unacceptable or indefinite delays for resources or response  – System crashes, and crashes repeatedly after reset attempts

1 hour during normal business days*
2 Software is operational, but functionality is seriously affected; a severe loss of service; no acceptable workaround is available; however, operation can continue in a restricted fashion, but loss in functionality can only be sustained by Customer for a few working days. 4 hours during normal business days*

Software is operational, but a portion is not operating as documented or warranted; a minor loss of service with minor business impact and/or an acceptable temporary work around exists; or

Customer has a time-sensitive question on the operation of the Software that is not answered in the documentation for the Software.

24 hours during normal business days
4 Customer has a non-urgent issue or problem; Software is operating substantially in accordance with specifications. 48 hours during normal business days

  *Severity 1 and 2 case tickets logged outside of regular business hours (weekdays 9:00 AM to 6:00 PM ET) will get call back by 10:00am ET next business day.


Supported Releases

TopQuadrant releases are scheduled quarterly.

2/14/2024 7.8.1 Maintenance Release
12/04/2023 7.8 Official Release
8/23/2023 7.7.1 Maintenance Release
8/10/2023 7.7 Official Release
8/29/2023 7.6.2 Maintenance Release
6/16/2023 7.6.1 Maintenance Release
4/18/2023 7.6 Official Release


Previous Releases

8/29/2023 7.5.2 Maintenance Release
3/16/2023 7.5.1 Maintenance Release
1/20/2023 7.5 Official Release
8/29/2023 7.4.2 Maintenance Release
11/10/2022 7.4.1 Maintenance Release
10/5/2022 7.4 Official Release
8/19/2022 7.3.1 Maintenance Release
6/28/2022 7.3.0 Official Release
9/28/2022 7.2.6 Maintenance Release
6/21/2022 7.2.4 Maintenance Release
6/10/2022 7.2.2/7.2.3 Maintenance Release 7.2.3 – Data Platform customers only
4/13/2022 7.2.1 Maintenance Release
3/23/2022 7.2.0 Official Release
1/18/2022 7.1.3/7.1.4 Maintenance Release 7.1.4 – Data Platform customers only
12/28/2021 7.1.2 Maintenance Release
12/16/2021 7.1.1 Maintenance Release
12/8/2021 7.1.0 Official Release
11/10/2021 7.1.0 Beta Release
1/21/2022 7.0.6 Maintenance Release
12/28/2021 7.0.5 Maintenance Release
12/16/2021 7.0.4 Maintenance Release
7/5/2021 7.0.3 Maintenance Release
5/11/2021 7.0.2 Maintenance Release
3/23/2021 7.0.0 Official Release
2/26/2021 7.0.0 Beta Release
12/11/2020 6.4.3 Maintenance Release
9/30/2020 6.4.2 Maintenance Release
8/13/2020 6.4.1 Maintenance Release
7/28/2020 6.4.0 Official Release
6/17/2020 6.4.0 Beta Release
4/10/2020 6.3.2 Maintenance Release
2/19/2020 6.3.1 Maintenance Release
12/11/2019 6.3.0 Official Release
11/6/2019 6.3.0 Beta Release
9/24/2019 6.2.4 Maintenance Release
7/22/2019 6.2.3 Maintenance Release
5/7/2019 6.2.2 Maintenance Release
4/24/2019 6.2.1 Maintenance Release
4/17/2019 6.2.0 Official Release
3/29/2019 6.2.0 Beta Release