Release Notes

TopBraid 7.2

EDG 7.2 Release

TopQuadrant is excited to announce TopBraid EDG 7.2 . EDG 7.2 features a new API framework, deeper integration with Sharepoint, user interface enhancements and improved search capabilities:

  • New API framework is documented through the OpenAPI/Swagger interface.
  • Building upon the Sharepoint Term Store connector released in 7.1, this release provides a new Sharepoint Corpus connector for cataloging and automatically classifying Sharepoint documents.
  • The most notable user interface updates deliver improved navigation between asset collections and usability enhancements to the search across asset collections. Other UI enhancements include a new editor panel, updates to the EDG Diagram panel and updates to the Manage tab.

More details about these and other features are provided in the sections below.

Key Improvements of 7.2


New Platform Web Services 

EDG 7.2 introduces a new API consisting of dozens of functions to interact with the platform (e.g. to create or delete asset collections programmatically). This API can be used from web services which can be viewed and tested conveniently through the Swagger UI. A machine-readable OpenAPI specification of these services is provided. The underlying mechanism is extensible (EDG Web Services Extensions) and is the same for user-defined web services. Most of these services can also be called from ADS (JavaScript), SPARQL queries, and SWP scripts. TopQuadrant is committed to further evolving the list of available services based on your feedback.

To browse and execute web services available for an asset collection, go to Reports tab, then select Web Services Swagger UI.

To see and download APIs for use in your Node.js or Web App project, go to Export tab, then to Generate APIs for External Scripts. This function produces API files for developers of external Active Data Shapes scripts, based on a given asset collection. For the generic APIs, use Download APIs for TopBraid’s System Shapes Graphs link.

Microsoft Sharepoint Corpus Connector

Connect to SharePoint 365 document libraries;

* Auto Classifier can be run on documents connected through Sharepoint

Are you aware of all the data integration options available in TopBraid EDG?

For a complete list, see 

Matrix Panel 

This new panel found in the asset collection editor pages, assists with batch editing using matrix-like table. Related values can be chosen as rows and columns in the Matrix Panel. For example, as shown below, you can chose all or a subset of Countries to be used as rows and a set of Statuses to be used as columns. Then, choose a relationship that connects countries to statuses. Where a relationship exists, EDG will display a check in a box. To edit relationship values, check and uncheck boxes.

Improved Navigation

The left navigation menu has been replaced with the Collections menu. The Collections menu is available on every page in the top left corner. It works similarly to the previously available “hamburger” menu, but provides some additional features. To navigate, simply click a collection type to go to the page listing all collections of that type, or choose a collection to go to it directly.

You’ll now find helpful information always available from the right hand side of the main header bar. Here you’ll find the Create New button, Basket button and User menu with the options shown in the below image.

Improved Search

The main header bar in TopBraid EDG now provides a search feature that provides unified access to Search the EDG, Quick Lookup, and, for Reference Data codes, Find code searches. This search is continually available throughout all EDG pages. Users can easily navigate between search results for auto-complete on labels in Quick Lookup and Search the EDG which indexes all properties and generates applicable facets for all asset collections selected for indexing. 

Customizable Search the EDG results page 

“Key Info Role”, “Icon Role” and other Dash property roles can now be used to configure the results page of Search the EDG, making it easy to create custom display. See for more information.

For example, values of properties set as Key Info (as shown below) will appear on the results page.



TopBraid Explorer Customization Project

TopBraid Explorer provides a read-only environment where Explorer users can search across all published information, view it and can create comments for the information curation team.  A basic Explorer customization project is now available for download to allow customers to easily provide their own look and feel to the Explorer server. This project overrides the home page styling and logo to differientiate and simplify the Explorer user interface. Customers can change the styling and add their own logos to a copy of this project. 

Manage tab UI update

Functionality available in the Manage tab of an asset collection is now organized into categories. Search for Plugin feature lets you quickly find the functionality of interest across all categories.

Global Date Formatting

Consistent date formatting is now applied throughout the EDG user interface. EDG will recognize your browser language and apply the appropriate formatting for your locale.

EDG Diagram Improvements 

  • Bends are now removable. New for 7.2, EDG Diagram now has the ability to remove bends from an edge. A bend is a point along an edge where the edge direction changes. They are selectable via mouse click, once selected a user can simply hit the delete key or backspace on the keyboard and the bend is removed from the diagram. This action can be undone.

In the image below the second bend is selected the black dot is the visual indicator.

  • Change Preferred Layout and Re-Play Layout. New for EDG 7.2, the preferred diagram layout can be changed and ‘re-played’. A user can choose to re-run a selected layout, perhaps after moving a node or edge and things just seem out of place. A user can click the ‘play’ button found in the diagram toolbar.

Keep in mind that actions such as ‘Show Neighborhood’ and ‘Expand Associations’ will make an attempt to direct diagram elements in a particular fashion. Show Neighborhood will add nodes left to right, while Expand Associations will add nodes top to bottom. Running the diagram layout will cause the entire diagram to be adjusted losing the original position of the nodes.

7.2.1 Release

  • Please see change log for bug fixes and improvements. No migrations.

7.2.2 Release

  • Please see change log for bug fixes and improvements. 7.2.2 requires an update of EDG.war and TopBraid-Auth.jar contained in the distribution. Please upgrade both. No migrations.

7.2.3 Release

  • Data Platform customers only, resolves sync issue with editing collections.

7.2.4 Release

  • Fixes a regression with rendering booleans in the Search table. No migrations.

7.2.5 Release

  • Bug fix for workflow permissions being applied to non-workflows.No migrations.

7.2.6 Release

  • Bug fix for sh:in string property values in drop-down lists
  • Saved searches will also apply to sub-classes and are now inherited from includes
  • Chrome browser fix for setting anyURI or other special datatype
  • Problems and suggestions filter by class fix
  • Fix for but where users with workflow permissions on governance roles will incorrectly be assigned those permissions on production copies as well when permissions are set in the workflow template via teamwork:editorWorkflowParticipantProperty or 

  • No migrations

Deprecated Features

  • Modules removed from EDG: sml:ConvertSpreadsheetToRDF, sml:ImportExcelCellInstances. Scripts that use these will no longer work.

  • Available Web Services page has been removed. The previous services are still available but anything new should use the documented Swagger services available via the “Report” tab per collection. Please plan to transistion to the new supported services.
  • Removed teamworkTemplates.spin.ttl. 
  • Removed TableUtils.dateformat JavaScript function

Known Issues

  • Upon initial installation of EDG Studio, clicking the log out button may require a restart of Studio. This is only upon initial installation and will be fixed in an upcoming release.
  • User with workflow permissions on governance roles will incorrectly be assigned those permissions on production copies as well when permissions are set in the workflow template via teamwork:editorWorkflowParticipantProperty or 
    teamwork:managerWorkflowParticipantProperty. This is fixed in EDG 7.2.6.
  • Please use GET not POST for /tbl/service/asset-collection-name/tbs/exportRDFFile if you are changing the “format” parameter to anything but Turtle. Fixed in EDG 7.3.

  • The GraphQL interactive editor currently doesn’t support execution of named queries and will fail if trying to do so. This will be fixed in EDG 7.3. 
  • Database storage username and password for Oracle need to be entered in interactive setup or setup properties file, not in the password management page. This will be fixed in 7.3. 
  • “Added” and “Deleted” in the Change History panel are not accurate. This is fixed in EDG 7.2.2.

  • Importing a spreadsheet into a collection that has a language tag on a property with fail with a “regex” error. This is fixed in EDG 7.2.1.
  • Interactive setup on a new workspace will not correctly save roles. Please use the setup file method for new workspaces. This is fixed in EDG 7.2.1.