TopQuadrant EDG Support

Where do I find product videos, whitepapers and webinars?

Product videos, whitepapers and webinars can be found on the TopQuadrant website here:

Where do I find more information about technical support and maintenance for EDG?

The current technical support and maintenance contract can be found here:

Information on premium vs. standard support can be found here:

Unsupported activities: what should I know when using EDG?

Below are a list of unsupported activities to be aware of when using EDG.

Environment – on-premise installations

  • Always take a backup of the workspace prior to upgrades or major changes in the environment. When using a relational database, also back up (dump) the database. When using TDB (EDG built-in triple store), always use the backup and restore utility in EDG, or stop Tomcat to do a snapshot. When using TDB, the workspace contains the TDB database and will contain locks when the data is being written.

  • EDG does not support downgrading workspaces. If you perform an upgrade on a workspace, you cannot re-install the previous version of EDG and use that same workspace.

  • Test customizations and upgrades on a development environment that mimics production prior to production. Customers recieve 2 development licenses for such purposes.

  • Do not delete graphs/collections directly from the file system unless directed to by TopQuadrant support. Use the UI.

  • Refer to the supported platforms page for technology dependencies. If unsure, ask TopQuadrant for assitance in determining if your technology stack is supported.

  • Install monitoring for disk space and memory. Running out of disk space can cause corruption issues for TDB.


  • Test SPARQL or GraphQL queries on a development environment as well. Some unsupported queries can cause a deadlock on your system or be rejected. For example a GraphQL mutation of over 800 top level concepts, or running an expensive SPARQL query.

  • Using TDBLoader is unsupported by EDG.

  • Do not remove system graphs or projects from your workspace using “base uri management” or the file system. This will cause the workspace to become unavailable.

  • Deleting Text Indicies from Server Administration will require a server restart.

SaaS – additional items for SaaS customers

  • SaaS customers should not exceed data load for their instance. If approaching the maximum, do not load large amounts of data without discussing with TopQuadrant support first. Instances can be upgraded to allow more memory for more data.

  • SaaS customers using the instance for performance or benchmark tests should notify TopQuadrant support so that backups can be taken. Doing benchmark testing might impact the availablity of EDG and therefore SLAs will not apply.

  • Do not upload projects or delete projects from your EDG instance. These need to be tested and approved prior to installation.