EDG Integration Points

TopBraid EDG’s ability to import and export data gives you some batch-oriented options for using data from other systems as well as providing managed vocabulary data and metadata for use by other systems.

For more dynamic integration with other systems, EDG offers three options for developers:


API endpoints can be accessed by any user of TopBraid EDG. Users will only be able to access asset collections they have access rights for. Users will only be able make updates to the asset collections they have rights to perform updates for.

  1. Using TopBraid EDG GraphQL Endpoint – TopBraid’s GraphQL service supports all standard features of GraphQL, providing access to data stored in EDG asset collections. Read and update access is available. See GraphQL.

  2. Using TopBraid EDG SPARQL Endpoint – to query data and, optionally, to update data.

  3. Web Services - Integrate by using either pre-built standardized RPC web services provided with TopBraid EDG or by using your own services developed with TopBraid technologies. See Extension Development for creating your own extensions.

Pre-built services are available in EDG by navigating to a collection, then Reports Tab > Web Services. Here you can view the Swagger UI to explore and test the known web services.

Authentication applied to EDG will also apply to the API call. Please see Authentication for TopBraid EDG for more information.

The following is a sample of a Data Graph collection’s Swagger UI page in EDG: