Upgrades and Migrations

Before upgrading from an older version of EDG, consult this documentation for migration tasks that might apply to your upgrade. The migration documentation keeps your data and the EDG application functioning correctly after an upgrade, please pay close attention to those details. You can upgrade from any previous release straight to the current release, but you’ll need to use the migration documentation starting at the version you’re currently on and following along to current release. For example, if you upgrade from version 7.3 to 7.5 you’ll need to follow the migration notes for 7.3 to 7.4 and 7.4 to 7.5.

Migration Instructions

  • Please make sure to take backups of everything (workspace, database, tomcat installation, etc.) first.

  • Workspaces cannot be downgraded once you upgrade. If you need to revert versions of EDG, you will have to use the backed up workspace.

  • If you need to, take screenshots of your setting on the Rights Management page.

  • Have your credentials and connections strings/URLs handy for Explorer, RDBMS and S3 connections.

  • Upgrade on your test/development environment successfully before the production environment gets upgraded. This is important when testing customizations to the UI or models especially.

7.4 to 7.5 Migrations

Scheduled for deprecation from EDG 7.4 and now removed in EDG 7.5

  • Workflow Comparison Report has been replaced by the Workflow Report Panel in the editor.

  • RDBMS and single TDB (SeparateTDB) are no longer be available for active database storage types on new deployments. Interactive setup is not available for customer’s upgrading with these options. Please contact TopQuadrant support for assistance.

  • “Create Snapshot of EDG” and “Restore Snapshot of EDG” are removed in EDG 7.5 as TriG doesn’t preserve namespace prefixes.

  • _Count and _Concat is officially removed in 7.5 from use in the GraphQL schema. These have been deactivated since EDG 6.1 and should no longer be in use. They lead to an explosion of fields and massively increase the size of the GraphQL schemas. Please use SPARQL and ADS instead.

Drivers for JDBC connectors

  • Customers using JDBC drivers will need to install these in Tomcat/lib folder, they are no longer provided as part of the EDG distribution due to security concerns for organizations requiring specific drivers. Customer’s IT will need to add JDBC drivers and restart Tomcat after upgrading to EDG 7.5.

Model change for Glossary collection

  • Business Activity was stating the name of the ‘subActivity’ property the wrong way round. This might have caused the wrong parent-child relationships to be stated. A constraint was added to prevent self as the sub-activity.

    If there is use of this property in current enterprise asset collections, a migration maybe needed. This SPARQL delete/insert query will make the necessary changes:

    DELETE {?child edg:subActivity ?parent}

    INSERT {?parent edg:subActivity ?child}

    WHERE {?child edg:subActivity ?parent}

Max count violation setting in GraphQL

  • GraphQL queries that used the maxViolationCount flag now need to use maxResultCount and note the slight change of semantics - it will stop after any number of Info, Warning or Violation results, not only Violations.

Login page customizations

  • Customizing the login page has changed with EDG 7.5, please see Login Page

.swp files

  • Customers that have created their own .swp files need to convert these to .ui.ttlx. Please contact TopQuadrant support for assistance.


  • SHACL-JS has been deleted to streamline and future-proof the platform. SHACL-JS was a draft W3C Working Group Note that has not received wide-spread adoption.

    Most SHACL-JS features have equivalent features in ADS, which is much better supported by TopBraid:

    sh:JSConstraint -> dash:ScriptConstraint

    sh:JSConstraintComponent -> dash:ScriptConstraintComponent

    sh:JSFunction -> dash:ScriptFunction

    sh:JSRule -> dash:ScriptRule

    sh:JSTarget (not yet covered, let us know if you need that)

    If you have legacy SHACL-JS code in your ontologies and struggle to migrate to ADS, please let us know.

Upgrade Steps from EDG 7.4 to EDG 7.5

EDG Upgrade

REQUIRED : TAKE A BACKUP OF THE WORKSPACE (You cannot revert a workspace). Read all the instructions prior to beginning.

  1. Stop Tomcat, make sure the process is fully stopped

  2. Backup and remove the /edg directory and edg.war file located in [Tomcat Root]/webapps/.

  3. Clear Tomcat work and temp directories.

  4. Place the current release’s edg.war found in the download package into the webapps directory

  5. Backup and remove Tomcat lib directory. Extract TopBraid-Auth.zip from current release’s download package into a newly created Tomcat lib directory created from Tomcat distribution. (This step is to update all the SAML and OAuth authentication jars for EDG. Be aware of any jars that are needed in this directory for Tomcat in your distribution.)

  6. Backup and clear the tomcats logs directory (optional)

  7. Start Tomcat (the current war creates a new /edg/ directory)

  8. If your installation used the Interactive setup method, this will need to be redone upon EDG startup. Please refer to backup copy of your previous EDG directory at edg/WEB-INF/setupdata/edg-setup.properties for previous values. Alternatively prior to upgrade, navigate to /edg/tbl/setup in the EDG UI and find these values at the bottom of the page.

  9. Perform migration steps applicable to your installation

  10. Regression test before upgrading production

Note: If your license has expired, you will need to install your new license before upgrading.