GraphQL Queries

Use the GraphQL Queries section of the Export tab of any asset collection to reach the GraphQL query user interface.

One of the strengths of GraphQL is that it is self-descriptive and allows users to discover the available fields that can be queried. This should make getting started relatively easy.


To get started with GraphQL, go to the Export tab of your asset collection and then click GraphQL in TopBraid Tutorial. If you do this from a Data Assets Collection or a Glossary, that Tutorial will even include interactive examples that you can try out in the browser.

Instead of repeating this content here, please visit the Tutorial in the product itself.

In addition to the main GraphQL Queries link you will be able to select alternative GraphQL Schemas - these will depend on the type of asset collection. The main link GraphQL Queries will use the default schema for the collection type. Ontologies do not have such a default link.

TopBraid EDG GraphQL Queries Page

TopBraid EDG GraphQL Queries Page

  • as Generic will let you issue generic queries in a low-level syntax that will work with all asset collections, regardless of declared classes and shapes.

  • as Metashapes will let you query the schema itself – classes and properties.

  • as SKOS Taxonomy will let you query SKOS concepts.

  • as Teamwork Graph will let you query change history.

In addition to those pre-defined schemas, you can query class-specific schemas that are generated on demand. To do so, enter the name of a node shape or class under Shape/Class.