EDG Installation and Authentication

Installation of the EDG Server


This document covers installing the TopBraid Enterprise Data Governance (EDG) server into its platform environment and integrating it with systems services such as LDAP, SAML, etc.

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To administer the EDG application user functions, see EDG Administration and Configuration.

The EDG server uses Java servlets deployed to an Apache Tomcat web server and servlet container. Installation involves deploying the EDG WAR (Web Application Archive) file in the application server. Customers receive a link and login/password for the website to download the WAR file for installation. The installation files consist of the EDG server WAR file (edg.war), setup properties file and authentication valve for SSO.

Installation of the EDG server differs slightly for different operating systems. Detailed instructions for Tomcat, Linux and Windows are provided in the sections below. In general, installation consists of:

  1. Deploying the EDG WAR file in the application server. For Tomcat, this involves copying the edg.war file to the Tomcat webapps directory, or using Tomcat Manager to deploy edg.war.

  2. Configuring authentication

  3. Setting configurations through the setup file or interactive

  4. Server Administration in EDG