Auto Classifier Installation

The TopBraid Tagger AutoClassifier component requires the Maui Indexer server. Like the TopBraid EDG server, the Maui server is a Java WAR-file application deployed to a Tomcat webapp server. Thus, installation involves copying the maui.war file to the Tomcat webapps directory or using Tomcat Manager to deploy maui.war. It can be installed on the same server where you are running TopBraid EDG.

Once the Tomcat server is restarted, no further configuration of the Maui server is necessary, however, we do recommend explicitly defining the data directory where Maui Server keeps its data.

See also

See the Maui server documentation for details.

Most users should probably define the data directory by setting the MAUI_SERVER_DATA_DIR environment variable. If the data directory is not explicitly defined, then it will default to the current directory from where the Tomcat webapp server was started, which can be a somewhat random and undesirable location.

You may also use the servlet container’s authentication features to protect the Maui Server web application with a username and password of your choice, using the HTTP Basic Authentication protocol. In this case, the same credentials need to be specified in the AutoClassifier configuration in EDG.

Finally, an EDG administrator must configure EDG to point to Maui as described in AutoClassifier Configuration. For example, if you are running both EDG and Maui Server on the server at port 8080, the Maui Server URL entered under the AutoClassifier Configuration Parameters section would be: